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    Quality Masking Solutions

    In order to guarantee high quality and consistent paint sprayed components, the use of reliable and durable masking tools is indispensable. At RS Coatings we complete our services by offering the option of in-house designed and manufactured precision masking tools.

    RS Coatings was originated inside a tooling company specialised in masking jigs: RS Composites Ltd. These two companies maintain a very close relationship offering several tooling manufacture and maintenance advantages.

    As an innovative solution, RSC can produce high quality masks with the use of 3D printing technology.Three dimensional CAD drawings presented as ”stl” files are loaded onto the machine to produce very accurate models achieving very tight tolerances with values down to 16 microns. The masking models can be used for trials and to fine tune the final masking tool design. Pre-production volumes can be processed with models. In some instances when the application environments are suitable, the 3D printed models can actually be used as functional masking products. The materials used to produce the 3D printed masks are highly resistant to solvents.
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    Basic descriptions of some typical masking-jigs are available on our tooling site: www.masking.co.uk

    Nissa 2 Jigs

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