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    Anti Scratch Coatings


    Scratch Resistant Coatings may be applied for protection and for product durability. Anti-scratch Clear Coatings are typically applied onto transparent display windows and lenses.
    Optimum results are achieved by Injection Moulding the clear lenses in Poly-carbonate or Acrylic and by immediately applying the transparent anti-scratch coating in-house.

    Hard Coating

    Advanced nano-technology coatings are applied very accurately using the digital process developed by RS Coatings. Consistency in position, film thickness and material usage are controlled with digital precision ensuring very successful production yields and process repeatability.

    Our purpose built, fully automated lacquering plant includes a state of the art digital print-jet delivery and lacquer re-circulating system, designed and built by RSC.

    Transparent scratch resistance lacquers are applied to protect plastic surfaces.

    This operation may be combined with cosmetic spray painting,  pad printing and/ or laser etching to obtain highly cosmetic and resistant finished products.


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